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Miguel – Search Engine Optimisation Expert

Digital Marketing Professional based in Sydney, Australia.

Digital Marketing Toolkit.

SEO Technician

Let’s talk about your project and how i can help you boost your organic visibility.

Paid Media Specialist

Google Certified AdWords specialist. Get ready to see some serious uplift.

Resume & Case Studies

Employers need not look further. Find out all about my career & experience here.

Web Development

WordPress web developer. Responsive, Optimised for conversion & Reliable

Knowledge Exchange

A place i’ve created to share SEO knowledge & ideas. Get amongst it.

Analytics Certified

Certified in Google Analytics and able to draw meaningful insights from raw data.

SEO Methodology

Technical SEO Audit

We take a deep dive into your site’s technical set-up and seek to identify potential structural issues that may impede your site’s ability to achieve visibility on the SERPs.

Through a tried and tested methodology, i identify issues and make recommendations that will form the platform for further on page optimisation. During the technical audit, their is a specific focus on the following technical issues: parameter handling, URL structure, indexability, page speed, meta data optimisation, accessibility, internal linking, redirect chains and much more.

Once a thorough technical examination of the site is complete and recommendations have been carried out, we’re in a better position to successfully execute outreach and on page optimisation.

On-Page Optimisation

Although keywords play a smaller part in today’s overall SEO strategy, they are still a critical part of a strong SEO campaign. By focusing on semantic keyword research, we cover every single aspect about a topic and give your business the highest possible chance to rank for key terms.

Through the use of industry standard 3rd party tools, we can identify a range of keywords and their respective search volumes and optimise pages accordingly to obtain visibility in that space.

A thorough gap analysis is conducted to pinpoint which areas in the SERPs your competitors have visibility. We can then obtain share of voice in that particular space by creating content and optimising on page elements and meta data optimisation.

My Client Portfolio

Fiji Airways


BOQ Specialist



UNSW Business School

Spirits Platform

Excelsia College

Yellow Brick Road


Opera Australia

Some cool features on this site


HTTP/2 Enabled

To maximise speed and the efficiency through which resources are requested from the server, this site is HTTP/2 enabled.


Page Speed Automated

All Google PageSpeed recommendations have been automatically implemented through a custom conf. file placed within the NGINX server.


HTTPS Encrypted

Maybe the NSA can break this site but not your average MITM. This website has forced 301 redirects to HTTPs page equivalents.


Built through WordPress

The site was built using the WordPress CMS using no external plugins except Yoast SEO for simplicity purposes.


New SEO Blog

I’m hoping to release an SEO blog under this domain as a place of reference for SEO knowledge exchange. I’m hoping to roll this out soon! Fingers crossed


Lightning Fast

Enjoy a seamless user experience on a lightning fast page. I’ll be looking to create further optimisations and bring the page <1m.

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